About Us

I Love To Make Things Beautiful

The creative director of Laf Design is Lee A. Fitzgerald,  a graphic and web designer with over a decade of experience working with clients that run the gamut from entrepreneurs & start-ups to large, established corporations on the global market. Lee is also a Graduate of Canada’s Leading Graphic Design School Sheridan College.

Prior to starting Laf Design in Kitchener-Waterloo, Lee spent a number of years freelancing in Oakville, working for numerous agencies and building brands for a variety of well-known international businesses.

Lee considers professional development to be a crucial component of both his success and the success of his clients, and is constantly upgrading his knowledge and software, to ensure he is on the bleeding edge of relevant technology. He is also supported by a small team that provides copy-writing and technical programming expertise.

He is one of the lucky ones who loves his job and has a special passion for working with entrepreneurs to get their new ventures off the ground and destined for success.