What is our standard procedure?

Starting with baby steps, we want you to be comfortable. It allows for a certain amount of “elbow room” for our relationship to grow.

Our primary objective when creating websites is to develop something that is not only beautiful but is extremely functional, automating and consolidating many of your tedious business processes. Based on your preliminary direction, we have a lot of ground to cover, from the various content formats that you have to the design of your site. Once we have established the structure of your website we will take a multi-tiered approach.

  1. Usability and architecture outline
  2. Design and visual layouts
  3. Functionality, code development, and extensive testing
  4. Measurement and reporting

We start with an exploratory meeting where we get to know each other through questions. We then work with you to develop the specifications for us to follow.

Once we have the specs we go to the studio to design the look and feel… (The architecture is vital to usability). Based on your feedback from the design we work towards a final design sign-off before proceeding to the programming phase. (design phase takes about 2-3 weeks)

The programming phase takes the design and breathes life into it… Rollover actions, load sequences, animations, dynamic content loading… Et cetera. (programming phase usually takes 3 weeks)

Testing and content loading is the next phase. We load the content into the system and we require your help to run through the pages and identify that things are working to your expectations. (1-2 weeks)

Finally we’re ready for launching your website live. We provide you with start to finish support throughout your website development. It’s our goal to make your business look professional and help you to make a great first, second, third impression…

Future support, maintenance, and assisstance… We provide you with the admin access to the easy to use CMS for making your updates. Send us an eamil at support@laf-design.com anytime and we’ll provide you with an answer within 48 hours (mon-fri 9am-5pm)